Summer Movies

My first published book, Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics, is a curated look at films that take place in the summertime, spotlighting cross-country road trips, European explorations, beach excursions, and thrillers set in the spellbinding heat of the city. I include "double feature" recommendations and ideas for a vacations that relate to each film. 

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TCM Library

From ideation to development, from brand review to marketing, I helped create more than 30 titles for TCM's licensed publishing program with Running Press. I brought new projects to the table, recruited authors, researched photography, approved layouts, reviewed manuscripts, and developed comprehensive marketing plans for each release. Notable titles include The Essentials, Hollywood Black, Dark City, Viva Hollywood, and Warner Bros: 100 Years of Storytelling

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Upcoming Sidney Poitier Project

For this upcoming book (due for release in Fall 2024), I researched primary documents from the Sidney Poitier archives to select and annotate notable speeches from the iconic actor's career. In addition to designing an overall structure for the book and crafting explanatory text, I worked closely with his wife, Joanna, to develop original supplemental material.