Brand Identity

The TCM Wine Club launched in 2015. As a core member of the team that developed the service, I touched almost all aspects of the program - from developing the tagline ("Uncork the Fun of Movies and Wine") to editing the club website, to crafting descriptive copy for all customer-facing elements. 

Wine & Movie Pairings

The key element of the club is the pairing of premium wines from around the world with classic movies shown on TCM. For consistency, I developed a guide for connecting wine varietals to a range of movie genres. (Here's a design for a promotional club coaster that conveys these connections.) I paired crisp white wines with screwball comedies, bold reds with enthralling epics, and everything in between. Each bottle of wine that a customer receives comes with a unique classic movie pairing within the tasting notes. These pairings are also posted online.


The club is advertised to consumers and TCM fans through an array of digital, social, television, and print marketing elements. Along with developing the marketing plan, I crafted copy for acquisition and retention emails, digital banners, event collateral, and much more. 


I have helped promote the wine club on the ground at annual TCM Classic Film Festivals and Cruise events since the club's launch, including a number of themed wine tasting events and special film screenings, and was proud to host several visiting wine experts and interactions with TCM personalities to round out the experience for fans.